More than 100 years have already passed since Surco began its voyage around the world with just one form of sustenance:  music.

Passing through different cultures, you will find bold collectors who will help you to follow their course in a limitless sonorous universe guiding it through unexplored paths full of new rhythms and unknown melodies.

Its mission today, is to share all of those experiences with the rest of humanity where you can appreciate each of the careful choices made by theirs companions through modern technology.



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Episodio 009:  Dan Piu

We can say that our guest, George, is one of Switzerland's most versatile talents. He founded his first label in the early 90s, Moto Music, together with his friend Robert P in Zurich to mainly draw his own productions under the alias "Dan Piu". Since then he has been involved in different musical projects such as the creation of a new label, deepArtSounds, dedicated to deeper sounds inside the house. Allstarr Motomusic, Zarenzeit or Theory of Movement are other solo projects and shared with those he has edited showing his inescapable eclecticity. As Dan Piu continues to create brilliant music with a magical transition between house and techno with clear reminiscence to Detroit and the UK sound of the 90s.

Much love and gratitude dear friend :)



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