More than 100 years have already passed since Surco began its voyage around the world with just one form of sustenance:  music.

Passing through different cultures, you will find bold collectors who will help you to follow their course in a limitless sonorous universe guiding it through unexplored paths full of new rhythms and unknown melodies.

Its mission today, is to share all of those experiences with the rest of humanity where you can appreciate each of the careful choices made by theirs companions through modern technology.



Managed by:  DBlond & Rubbio






Head music . Sci-Fi . Dancefloor


We were looking forward to sharing this new episode with you. This time, it has been given to us by the great Fernando Roqueta aka Lord Toaster, a recognised French collector living in Madrid who has been collecting records almost compulsively since childhood. In his collection he gives priority to black music, full of jazz, soul, Jamaican music and everything that has groove. He is a regular contributor to the Rototom Sunsplash festival or Enlace Funk magazine, as well as being one of the people in charge of "Madrid es Negro" festival, together with Miguel Ángel Sutil and Rogelio Vega.

About 3 and a half hours of music in 7" format selected from the worship of the rhythm and the dance floor. Our mate Surco met him in a club and the rest is after pressing Play ... Roqueta is in the building.



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