More than 100 years have already passed since Surco began its voyage around the world with just one form of sustenance:  music.

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Its mission today, is to share all of those experiences with the rest of humanity where you can appreciate each of the careful choices made by theirs companions through modern technology.



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Episode 007:  ESTIMULO

The first time we heard something about Estimulo, it was through his own online program called "EstimuloShow" back in 2007, which has been shared weekly from his website, created with the intention of broadcasting sessions live and accompanied by other DJs, although currently he is dedicated to uploading the shows to his Soundcloud or Mixcloud accounts. Before becoming more known in Berlin, where Andreas came from, in 1990 he had created a pirate radio to share music with his neighborhood crew. The radio signal extended to 1 kilometer, so his friends were the main listeners. Months later, the police caught him and took all his equipment ... but he did not take long to replace it, since he was a programmer and worked with electronic products, so he continued transmitting for a few years. Since university, he has consumed all kinds of music oriented to house, techno, drum & bass, breakbeat, jungle, dub and other industrial sounds.

Those of us who have followed him closely, we thank him infinitely for the hours and hours of excellent music selection that he has shared and continues to share (for many years). Surco sneaks into the Estimulo world and gives us this show for everyone to enjoy.

Much respect Esti!



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